27 Best Compound To Buy In New Capital

25 best Compounds To Buy in new capital [ Latest prices ]

Explore best New Capital's Compounds 2022 The Egyptian state is now working to achieve this for the Egyptian people by providing the best compounds in the new administrative capital New Capital is one of the biggest projects being carried out to expand Cairo into a political, educational, and economic global center، It's also close to all major highways and axes, and its space is up to 170...


Why investing in the new capital of Egypt is guaranteed 100%

Why should you not miss the opportunity to invest in the capital? Real estate has long been a popular investment opportunity in Egypt; it is low-risk, returns a better value for money, and makes financial sense with the country's rising population. The key, however, is the estate's location and the best time to buy and sell; getting both rights ensures the least risky investment with the highest...



 CHEAPEST NEW CAPITAL COMPOUNDS?  We'll discover more about the cheapest compounds in the New Capital, but first, let us tell you about this charming city. The New Capital City is located 35 kilometers east of Cairo with a total area of 170,000 feddans. It lies between the regional ring road, the Cairo-Suez road, and Cairo-El Ain El Sokhna road. The administrative capital is one of the massive real...

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Egypt ready to move to a new capital October 2021

Egypt is getting ready to relocate to its new capital Egypt is racing to build a new capital city in the desert east Cairo before civil servants arrive this summer. What is happening in the administrative capital now?  Workers are finishing up a series of ministries in the city's heart. They echo the architecture of pharaonic Temples and border a raised Islamic complex and two domed parliament...

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What is New Administrative Capital ? Things Need to Know !

what is the new administrative capital of egypt ? New Administrative Capital a smart city for urban growth that brings a modern idea of dwelling and is planned to house 18 to 40 million people by 2050. Egypt is relocating its capital from Cairo to a newly established city known as the "New Administrative Capital". Why is Egypt going to build a new capital ? Egypt is trying to construct the New...

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