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New Capital projects Best prices

Tips for Buying a Home in the New Capital project and best prices

Because of the exciting opportunities and unique area of real estate projects, huge Categories of Egyptians are looking to buy a home in the New Administrative Capital.

The Administrative Capital offers numerous benefits to individuals looking to buy a home in New capital Egypt. On top of that, it has a one-of-a-kind geographical location, thanks to the state’s wise choice of this place.

The Benefits of Buying a Residential Unit in the New Capital projects

  • Badr, Al Shorouk, New Heliopolis, Madinaty, and Al Rehab are just a short drive away from the New Administrative Capital.
  • It is also conveniently located near the Fifth Settlement and the rest of New Cairo.
  • Those looking to obtain a housing unit in the new administrative capital do so to take advantage of the benefits that the new capital offers, most notably:
  1. Capital Park, the world’s largest central park, spans 1,000 acres and is approximately 10 kilometers long.
  2. The Green River, which is around 35 kilometers long, runs through all of the residential neighborhoods in the New Administrative Capital.
  3. With the availability of transit, especially the monorail, access to the new capital has become simple for individuals looking for a place to live.
  4. Many essential facilities are housed in the new administrative capital, including the smart city,  Taiba, the exhibition city, and the sports city.
  5. It also houses a convention facility as well as numerous branches of local and international colleges.

Aren’t you looking forthe best New Capital of Egypt projects and their latest prices to live in for a comfortable and prosperous lifestyle? We did the legwork for you, and the greatest projects in New Capital are included in this post.


Apartments and villas prices for administrative capital

Last updated on October 1, 2021

New capital apartments prices

11,800 EGP
Average 11,800 EGP per square meter

New capital Villas prices

20,500 EGP
Average 20,500 EGP per square meter



Top Projects in New Capital of Egypt Sorted by prices high to low


projects District prices
Vinci 7th 4,000,000
The Loft 7th 2,730,000
De Joya 7th 1,700,000
Capital Heights 7th  1,520,000
Oblisco Tower 7th  1,500,000
Jnoub 8th 1,500,000
Bleu Vert 7th 1,300,000
Rhodes 7th 1,215,000
Rivan 7th 1,250,065
Oia R7 1,250,065
La Verde R8 1,285,000
Entrada R7 1,266,000
Sky Capital 7th 1,174,500
Capital Way 7th 1,160,000
Zavani 7th 1,100,000
Il Bosco 7th 1,089,000

Best Projects New Capital under 1000,000 EGP

Scenario R7 800,000
Tiba Rose R7 800,000
Armonia E3 with R7 880,000
Atika R7 910,000
The Curve R8 9,12,000
Green Avenue R7 1,000,000
Midtown Sky R7 1,000,000
Boardwalk 7th 1,000,000
La Capitale 7th 1,000,000







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