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La Verde new capital

La Verde new capital compound offers you the privacy and security you’re looking for, along with tens of services that will make your life that much easier. So, if you’re looking for your dream place in the New Capital.

we’re here to introduce you to La Verde Compound; one of the most beautiful residential compounds in all of the New Capital.

Details About La Verde Compound

La Verde is a residential project in the New Capital built over 35 acres, or 147 thousand square meters, which makes it one of the Capital’s biggest residential compounds. La Verde was designed to include many green areas and services, where almost 75% of the total project’s space is dedicated to greenery, artificial lakes, and various services. You’ll find that residential buildings within the compound take up almost 22% of its total space, which really adds to the beauty and peace of the place.

La Verde includes 25 separate villas and 40 residential buildings, all influenced by the elegant Spanish architectural designs. You’ll also enjoy a direct view of The Green River, an amazing park that stretches on for 8 kilometers.

La Verde new capital project

The compound is owned and developed by La Verde Egypt Real Estate Development, one of the pioneering real estate companies in Egypt with a huge experience in the field. Le Verde Egypt aims to create complete integrated compounds in terms of location, designs, services, and suitable units.

la verde Previous Works 

The company was founded back in 2017 for it to be one of the first real estate companies to set foot in the New Administrative Capital, where La Verde is one of the Capital’s first planned compounds.
By the end of September 2020, La Verde Egypt announced its second project in the New Capital; the first villa-compound over 54 acres with an overall investment of EGP2.5 billion, which says a lot about the quality this company hopes to achieve for its clients.

La Verde new capital location 

La Verde lies in the Eighth Residential District R8 in the New Capital, directly in front of the Green River which easily gives it an unmatched view in the whole Capital. The Eighth Residential District is also considered one of the Capital’s most elegant districts, where it includes only the most luxurious residential compounds in all of the Capital.

Residents will have easy access to all different kinds of services from medicinal, educational commercial and recreational within the Eighth District. It lies in proximity to the Presidential Palace, the Money and Finance District, the Cultural City, and the top universities and schools. Another great thing about the compound’s location is that it allows easy access to anywhere in the Capital, being surrounded by the main roads like Mohamed Bin Zayed Northern and Southern Axis.

Areas of Units in La Verde 

La Verse compound offers varying unit spaces to suit every client’s needs and requirements, where you’ll also find apartments, duplex apartments, penthouses and separate villas.
Ground floor units that come with a private garden start from 135 square meters up to 203 square meters in space, while apartments in upper floors range between 135 and 325 square meters in space.
As for duplex apartments, they range between 270 and 346 square meters, and penthouses range between 182 and 255 square meters with a garden that reaches 80 square meters in space.
Villas in La Verde start from 420 square meters reaching 510 square meters, with a private garden that reaches up to 250 square meters.

Advantages of La Verde project

The compound is unique for its charming Spanish architectural designs that combine simplicity and elegance, besides the beautiful location chosen by the developing company directly in front of the Green River in the New Capital. Another great thing about the compound is that it offers varying unit types and spaces, where you’ll find apartments, duplexes, penthouses and separate villas.

Besides that, most of the spaces in the compound is dedicated to greenery and artificial lakes which adds a calming peaceful atmosphere to the whole place. You’ll also enjoy being close to all kinds of different services like restaurants, malls, schools and medical services. All in all, living in La Verde is surely a dream come true.

La Verde provides excellent security with a wall surrounding the entire compound, besides being close to the Capital’s most important and heavily secured landmarks.

Services in La Verde Compound

-Swimming pools suitable for all ages
-Green landscapes and private gardens between all units
-Artificial lakes across the whole compound
-Designated areas for running, cycling, and walking
-A huge shopping mall that includes many shops
-Some of the world’s best restaurant chains and cafes
-Schools for all educational stages
-A daycare for children
-A play area for kids
-A sports club for all different kinds of sports
-An administrative building dedicated to all administrative and medical units
-All units overlook amazing landscapes of greenery and artificial lakes
-Private and public garages along with parking lots
-Security systems and guards with the most advanced technology

La Verde new capital Prices

The developing company has managed to create payment plans that are sure to suit all clients, where you’ll get all these amazing privileges with lower prices compared to other compounds in the New Capital.
Unit prices range between EGP 900,000 for apartments and EGP 12,500,000 for villas and palaces. Unit prices change according to space, views and luxury.

Prices Per Square Meter in La Verde Compound

La Verde Compound has a surprisingly low price of only EGP11,000 for a single meter, which is amazing compared to every other compound in the New Capital.

Payment Systems in La Verde Complex

One of the goals of La Verde Egypt for Development is providing its clients with payment options that will facilitate their payment process, here you’ll find 3 competitive payment plans with an incredibly low down-payment:

-Paying 8% of the desired unit’s price as down-payment and installing the rest over 6 years
-Paying 10% of the desired unit’s price as down-payment and installing the rest over 7 years
-Paying 15% then 5% after 6 months of the desired unit’s price as down-payment and installing the rest over 8 years

Details About the New Administrative Capital

Units in the New Capital are distinguished from the units of any new city as a guaranteed investment, as according to the economic growth indicators and the trends of the Egyptian real estate market, the new administrative units of the Capital are the safest in terms of the movement of sale and purchase, and represent the ideal environment for life.

The Administrative Capital has all the services that qualify it to be the Capital of business in the Middle East.

One of the most important distinguishing features of the New Administrative Capital’s units is that they were established within residential districts that are different and separate from the entertainment, administrative or corporate districts and banks.

This is an advantage that is not found in any other city, as the New Administrative Capital Company aims to avoid any random construction and planning according to international standards applied for the first time in all of Egypt.

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