7th Residential top 12 projects [Sorted by location]

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7th District Projects

7th Residential District top compounds by location

In this r7 new capital post, we give you reliable information on residential areas and residential projects in the 7th Residential District in the new capital. We are pleased to refresh you with facts on the Egyptian real estate market statistics, which will help you make one of the most important financial choices in your future.

  • The New Administrative Capital is one of the most significant projects being initiated for developing Cairo and transforming it into a political, educational, and economic international center.
  • r7 new capital: found near all major roads and axes, and its space is up to 170,000 acres, which can accommodate 6 million citizens.

Advantages of living in R7 new capital

Excellent location with wide spaces

the New Capital has a strategic location, and the seventh district ( r7 new capital) is one of the most important residential areas within the first phase. It covers a surface of 1500 acres. In addition to different services and business amenities, it also comprises the best residential Compound in the city.

The 7th district: is near numerous vital settlements in the New Capital, including the District of Government, the Ministerial district, the Presidential Palace, and the Diplomatic District.


7th district In the New Capital Heart

It is also within walking distance to the Medical City, Train Station, Conference Centre, Al Fattah El Aleem Mosque, Nativity Cathedral, Opera House, and the City of Arts and Culture and only a few minutes from the Green River (the largest central park in the world).

Close to major highways

Along with the numerous characteristics of the district, it is also adjacent to major routes, such as the regional ring road, which is considered to be one of the major roadways of the Cairo-Suez road to Cairo El Ain El Sokhna.

Various Services and Richness

As a result of the district’s ability to provide these numerous services and benefits, large real estate development corporations were eager to locate their projects there. Furthermore, the district’s importance grew after establishing high-end educational institutions such as foreign schools, a new branch of the British University, and the first Swedish university in the Middle East.


top 12 Compounds and Projects of the 7th Residential District “Sorted by location

1- Entrada Compound
2- Atika Compound
3- The City Valley Compound
4- Midtown Sky Compound
5- OIA Compound
6- Janoub Compound
7- Midtown Condo
8- Serrano Compound
9- La Capitale Compound
10- Armonia Compound
11- Dejoya 3 new capital
12- The Capital Way Compound

1-Entrada Avenue

  • Entrada new capital: It is just 15 minutes from the New Capital’s airport and presidential palace and is a few minutes away from the British University, Al-Aleem Mosque, and the Cathedral.
  • Entrada avenue is right across from the Fairground and Green River; it also provides ease of travel thanks to its proximity to the regional ring road and Mohammed bin Zayed south axis.
  • It has been announced by the company that all units will be delivered to customers with semi-finishing during 2022. This allows the customers to choose the finishing they would like according to their taste.

2-Atika new capital

  • Atika new capital: is located in a unique location within the New Administrative Capital, it is uniquely located within the new capital, and this is the characteristic of New Plan company because it is always accurate in selecting the sites for its projects
  • it is located in the r7 new capital plot G1 near the same company’s projects, Serrano Compound and Midtown Sky Compound.
  • In addition, the project is located directly on the central axis, Al Mehwar Al Markazi, which is approximately 90 meters wide and ends with the intersection of two important roads.
  • the regional and central ring road, heading for New Cairo, Embassies, medical city, green river, central park and next to the Fairground.

3-The City Valley Compound

  • City valley compound Located in the heart of the New Capital in front of Mohammed Bin Zayed south axis and IL Bosco Compound, overlooking the Green River, the Presidential Palace, Conference Center, Al Sefarat Neighborhood, Diplomatic Quarter, especially in r7 new capital.

4-Midtown New Capital

  • Sky Midtown compound is located in the R7 area new capital, which is one of the highest areas of the Administrative Capital.
  • midtown is located near all vital areas and close to the milestones of the Administrative Capital.
  • midtown compound is a few minutes from the British University, Al Sefarat Neighbourhood, Al Masa Hotel, the Presidential Palace, and Al Fattah Al Aleem Mosque.
  • It overlooks the Green River, near the Capital airport and Expo city; you can reach the Compound via the ring road and through the axis of Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed, which makes it easy to enter and exit from the Compound.

5-Oia New Capital

  • Oia new capital: is located in a unique location in the Administrative Capital. It is two minutes from the mall and all the services you need and located in the area R7 new capital and 10 minutes from the Administrative Airport and 20 minutes from the Presidential Palace.
  • Near the new ring road, the green river, Expo City, Al Sefarat Neighborhood, the British University, the Cathedral, Mohammed Bin Zayed South Axis, and Sokhna road.

6-Janoub new capital

Janoub compound: is located in the middle of the New Administrative Capital, among a variety of residential complexes. It consists of residential units ranging from villas to apartments, and the Compound is adjacent to several distinct neighborhoods, the most important of which are:

  • Al Sefarat neighborhood.
  • Ministries neighborhood.
  • Diplomates neighborhood.
  • Governmental neighborhood.
  • In addition, it is next to the ring road, accelerating the process of reaching Ain Sokhna.

7-Midtown Condo new capital

  • The real estate developer was keen to choose a specific site to build the Compound so that it is in the heart of the Administrative Capital, the residential neighborhood R7, which is the best neighborhood in the Administrative Capital.
  • midtown condo located between Expo City and Al Sefarat Neighborhood, near the regional ring road and Mohammed bin Zayed South axis.

8-Serrano Compound

  • It is located in the Administrative Capital – R7 new capital near Al Sefarat neighborhood and Fairground, next to the British University, just two minutes from the schools complex and international hospitals. It is a few minutes from the Green River and the Cathedral and 15 minutes from the Presidential Palace and the New Capital Airport.

9-La Capital Compound

  • La Capital Compound: is located on a large area of ​​13.5 acres or 55,711 m². Still, the actual building area is 22% of the project’s total area, and the rest of the site varies between services and the vast green spaces that represent the majority of the project.
  • Where the developer is keen to provide comfort and luxury away from the congestion of the city and permeate all the residential units, a large group of trees that are characterized by innovative design, and the project includes a variety of residential units such as “apartments, duplexes, and penthouses.”
  • The Compound design is made in the French style by the consultant engineer Hassan Sabbour, who has a long history in real estate projects and finishing at the highest level of quality and sophistication.

10-Armonia New Capital

Armonia New capital: is one of the highly distinguished compounds created by The Land Developers, as it is located in the New Administrative Capital near many vital places.

Armonia compound is located in a very privileged location in the 7th district with E3, close to many places, including:

  • The diplomatic quarter, the green river.
  • Al Fattah Al Aleem Mosque.
  • The Cathedral, government institutions.
  • The Compound is just minutes from the Presidential Palace and Al Masa Hotel.
  • Near The Capital Way Compound, Zavani Compound.
  • Near the regional ring road and Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed axis.
  • 10 km from Cairo Airport.
  • The Compound belongs to Engineer Ahmed El Tayebi, Hani Al-Bandari, and Walid Lotfi.

 11-De Joya 3 New Capital

  • De Joya 3: is the third residential project of Taj Misr Real Estate in the new capital, and it enjoys a prominent spot in R7 new capital, plot E1 that directly overlooks the ministries district. Thus, this spectacular location of De Joya 3 makes the Compound surrounded by vital services areas, main streets, and roads.
  • De Joya 3: is located minutes away from the monorail station, the southern axis of Mohamed Bin Zayed, Suez Road, and the regional ring road. It is also located near the diplomatic neighborhood, the new capital international airport, Al masa hotel, the expo city, the monorail station, amazon tower, and the green river.
  • In addition, it is close to many famous compounds in the R7, such as Il Bosco, City Oval, Il Mondo, Midtown Sky, and Sueno.

12-The Capital Way project

  • The Capital Way: located in the heart of the New Administrative Capital and its properties vary significantly in terms of spaces and prices, as the compound advantages include its vast area of up to 50 acres and located directly in front of the Green River, the longest green axis in the world, with an area of 35 km.
  • If you’re a lover of Al Masa Hotel, Capital Way is very close to it.
  • It is next to Al Sefarat Neighbourhood and the diplomatic quarter, making it one of the Administrative Capital’s highest buildings.
  • The green spaces in the Compound occupy 80% of its area, along with malls and security services, ensuring safety, comfort, and tranquility for the Compound’s residents.
7th District Projects
                                                          Map of the Seventh Residential District (R7) in New Capital
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