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new egyptian capital

In the new Egyptian capital  (What are the residential and commercial investment opportunities )

There is no doubt that the dream is a reality in the New Egyptian capital, the cosmopolitan city on the land of Egypt, which aims at a new cultural shift for the Egyptian citizen, and there are features that must highlight:

  • Providing many multi-level housing opportunities
  • Work to address the various issues that Egypt faces from unemployment, as the project is achieved with pure Egyptian hands
  • provides more than a million and a half job opportunities.
  • They reduce traffic overcrowding and pressure on Cairo due to the transfer of ministries and government agencies to their new headquarters in the New Administrative Capital.
  • They are improving the Egyptian economy and improving the standard of living by attracting new investments due to the competitive contributions of private sector companies to create housing complexes suitable for all levels.
  • Unprecedented competition in global architectural designs that keep pace with smart life that provide all the technological capabilities that the new Egyptian capital enjoys in all services and means of transportation.
  • The general planning of the new Egyptian capital provides a healthy climate that preserves both the environment and the individual together.

Advantages of real estate investment in the New Egyptian capital

  • The new Egyptian capital includes central and recreational parks on five thousand acres, and the per capita green space in the capital is 15 square meters.
  • As it is always called real estate investing, it is a safe investment. Everyone is racing to reserve units in this giant project, believing that the return is very profitable and in a short period.
  • A good diversity characterizes the projects offered for competition within the Administrative Capital in terms of existing spaces and prices.

New Egyptian capital precise and units

  • The administrative capital covers an area of 180,000 acres and is scheduled to accommodate 6.5 million people.
  • The spaces of the residential units start from 55 meters for studio units, with prices starting from 7500 pounds per square meter.
    The prices of administrative and medical units reach 24 thousand pounds per square meter.
  • Commercial units price per square meter starts from 55 thousand pounds.
  • The area of the duplexes ranges from 245 meters to 367 meters.
  • The twin villas and townhouses range from 200 square meters as the smallest area
    up to 989 square meters as building area.
  • The space of shops in the New Egyptian capital starts from 19 square meters. Square meters as the smallest area displayed.

The Unique location encourages investment in the Egyptian new capital

  • It is located 32 km from Cairo Airport, 45 km from downtown Cairo, 80 km from Suez, and 55 km northwest of Suez and Ain Sukhna.
  • It was taken into mind in the design of the city, that the Green River is in the middle, and all its neighborhoods are linked to it, simulating the Nile River, which mediates the city of Cairo
  • For the first time, tunnels are implemented for the infrastructure, As is the case in global cities, to avoid street cracks in case of maintenance or addition to facilities.


The Egyptian new capital development stages ( 3 stages )

  • The first stages, with an area of ​​40,000 acres
  • The second Stages with an area of ​​47 thousand acres
  • The third Stages with an area of ​​97 thousand acres.


new Egyptian capital 2022
new Egyptian capital 2022


New Capital R3

The area of ​​the third residential neighborhood, whose implementation is supervised by the Ministry of Housing, is 1,000 acres and is divided into 8 districts that include villa areas (328 villas),

  • Residential buildings (699 buildings – 19984 units)
  • Townhouses (157 buildings – 624 units)
  • Residential and commercial (140 buildings – 3360 housing units – 1120 commercial units)
  • Bringing the total units in the third district to 25,416 residential and commercial units, besides various service buildings
  • The central business district includes 20 towers (residential – administrative – services – commercial), with an area of ​​1.7 One million m2 of building surfaces, including the highest tower in Africa, with a height of 345 m.


Unique services that are not found in any other city in Egypt

Public transportation

A train will be implemented to move between the new cities. It will extend from the 10thof Ramadan to the Suez Road, next to the Regional Ring Road, and then to the Administrative Capital.

There is also the suspended train, “Monorail,” which is considered as the most recent modern train running on one suspended track. It will start from Nasr City from the stadium station. As for the regular train will run from Adly Mansour Station in Al-Salam City along Ismailia desert road to reach the Regional Ring Road through Suez Road and then to the Administrative Capital.

Governmental and Residential Institutions in the Egyptian New Capital

There will be headquarters for the Presidency and Parliament, headquarters for the Council of Ministers, ministries, the cultural center, and the Opera House in the new capital. In addition, It will have the office of the Smart Village and the Banking District. There will also be approximately 50,000 housing units, 2,000 high-class villas, and about 60 schools and eight universities so this project will attract more than 7,000,000 people.

Residential Investment

More than 20 feddans have been allocated for the residential investment. A number of Egyptians, Arabs, and foreigners have invested in a number of lands. They paid 20% of their prices in down payment, and 20% will be in installments up to 4 years.

The airport in the New Egyptian Capital 

  • The main building is located on an area of 5,000 square meters and it can accommodate 300 passengers per hour. It has also 45 buildings and an air watchtower with a length of 50 meters.
  • It contains a corridor with a length of 3,650 meters and a width of 60 meters. The airport is designed to withstand huge E4 aircraft.
  • It will also contain 8 aircraft landing places and a parking area for 500 cars and 20 buses.
  • It is equipped with the latest systems of insurance, management, international thermal control, and X-rays. The airport is designed to receive charter flights.

Features that encourage residential investment in the Egyptian capital

  1. The city will have its own financial district where the headquarters of the Central Bank of Egypt and the Egyptian Stock Exchange will be located.
  2. The government has asked the commercial and investment banks to transfer their headquarters to the New Capital.
  3. The Minister of Higher Education stated that there will be at least 6 international universities from the United States, Britain, Canada, Sweden, Bulgaria, and France and the International Capital University, which is a public university.
  4. It will encompass green areas around the city center, with a length of 35 kilometers.
  5. The city will have fitness tracks, a great garden, an amusement park for mountain lovers, pedestrian and cycling trails, horse riding rings and aquapark for sailing and rowing, a floating forest, and an artificial river.
  6. The New Capital will include a new zoo with aquariums, dolphin performances, and gardens.
  7. According to the plan, it will also include an amusement park with a 250-meter air wheel exceeding the largest wheel in the world ، Comparing to the wheel that exists in Las Vegas; the American one is only 168 meters long.
  8. The city will also contain a sports stadium, playgrounds, and a Roman theatre. In addition, it will have an astronomical observatory, a science and technology museum, and an art museum.

Health care services in the new capital

The Egyptian new capital will include a medical city consisting of 3 hospitals on an area of 20 thousand square meters; The first will be a general hospital with 300 beds, the second will be a children’s hospital, and the third will be for obstetrics and gynecology. A physician training center and a higher technical nursing institute will also be established. Plus, Several large private hospitals and medical malls.

There are many private medical malls that will be dedicated to medical clinics, radiology and analysis centers, and pharmacies, such as the Capital Care Mall and the Medical Capital Mall, and these malls will spread near residential areas.


Education in the new capital

The Administrative Capital includes 50 international schools, including 4 Japanese schools, such as Al Maarefa International School, Al Bayan Educational School, Manar House School, and the British International School, in addition to government schools at all levels of education.

And universities like the German International University of Applied Sciences, Hungarian University, Swedish University, University of Liverpool, The New Canadian University, The American International University, British Coventry University.


Buying and investing in the New Egyptian Capital

Buying into the new capital is a good investment opportunity for a multitude of reasons, most prominently: 

For businesses looking to invest their money in a good location and ensure big returns, the New Administrative Capital is perfect; this is if one is buying and if the business is large-scale.” When it comes to small-scale businesses, renting in the New Administrative Capital would ensure solid profits, even if the rent is higher than other areas in Cairo.

“Anything is expected to make money in the New Egyptian Capital. it will make good money. Therefore, purchasing there for business purposes would be very rewarding. Turning to residential investments, purchasing in the new capital is a good idea due to the fact that one would be in the middle of it all, as well as the solid appreciation rate that is expected due to the location of the capital. The new capital is a great business opportunity for everyone and for Egypt.”

Why you should invest in the new Egyptian capital?

  • Another benefit of investing in the New Egyptian Capital is the green lifestyle that comes with it. the New Administrative Capital is set to be a sustainable and innovative city with a green lifestyle. Furthermore, the capital is set to have top-notch infrastructure and facilities, ensuring that those who purchase there would not be at risk of having their areas deteriorate.
  • investing in the Egyptian New Capital is the best investment for Egyptian and foreign investors.
  • President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi’s care for the project adds value to it and increases its worth.  (the New Egyptian Capital is the project of the future.)
  • The capital will also be home to the world’s largest theme park, three times as big as New York Park.
  • Investing in the New Administrative Capital is better than elsewhere in Cairo right now.
  • Implementation of housing units in the Egyptian New Capital was successfully completed. Still, delivery will be within a year, until installing facilities and services, Khalid Abbas, deputy minister of housing for follow-up of national projects, said on Friday.
  • The new capital is planned to be a sustainable city, housing the ministries, parliament, Egyptian Media Production City, presidential palaces, and embassies.
  • The company provided about 170,000 jobs in construction operations. The future phases of the project will require more workers, stressing that the state treasury does not bear the burden of financing any phase of the project.
  • Housing prices in Cairo will decline significantly in the coming years because of the rise of stock in the market after completing the construction of the planned 350,000 housing units in the capital.
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