Why investing in the new capital of Egypt is guaranteed 100%

  • 3 years ago

Why should you not miss the opportunity to invest in the capital?

Real estate has long been a popular investment opportunity in Egypt; it is low-risk, returns a better value for money, and makes financial sense with the country’s rising population.

The key, however, is the estate’s location and the best time to buy and sell; getting both rights ensures the least risky investment with the highest possible money return. Recently, there has been an increase in interest in investing in the New Administrative Capital, and if you’ve been thinking about putting some of your eggs in that basket, here’s our analysts’ breakdown of why this is a good option.

According to the experts, the new hub is a good investment for small and large businesses and homebuyers. “If one is buying and the business is large-scale, the New Administrative Capital is perfect for businesses looking to invest their money in a good location and ensure bug returns,” says Mohamed Khaled, a commercial real estate consultant.

When it comes to small-scale businesses, Khaled explains that renting in the New Administrative Capital would guarantee solid profits, even if the rent is higher than in other areas of Cairo. “In the New Capital, anything is expected to make money. Even if you build a kiosk for Koshri, you’ll make a lot of money.


Check out 6 reasons why you should invest in real estate in the new administrative capital successfully and securely


Here are 6 powerful reasons to consider investing:


1- Price:

Compared to Cairo, where prices are expected to rise, prices in the New Administrative Capital are expected to rise.

According to real estate experts, housing prices in Cairo are expected to fall significantly in the coming years as supply increases in the market following the completion of the planned 350,000 housing units. In the New Capital, however, prices are only expected to rise from here.


It will be the center of all government activity and wisely close to Cairo, Sokhna, and Ras Suder. Citizens in the New Capital will have better access to services and administrative facilities once ministries, government, and civil, administrative services are relocated.


It is a planned city with cutting-edge infrastructure, facilities, and services to ensure the city’s long-term viability and avoid past mistakes. “Some of the privately-built areas around Cairo may use cheaper materials or things that are not as good as the ones that the government ensures that developers use in the New Administrative Capital; therefore, investing there will not only put your mind at ease because you know the quality is great, but it would also mean that you would be getting more for your money “value for price.

4-A Green District:

Another advantage of investing in the New Administrative Capital is the associated green lifestyle. The New Administrative Capital will be a sustainable and innovative city with a green lifestyle.

5- The government authorizes It:

Do we have to say more? The President of the State’s support for that initiative is the most significant investment guaranty regardless of the size of the investment, asking investors to invest in the New Capital for many opportunities or what he calls “the Future Project.”

6-Increasing investment demand:

The growing demand for New Administrative Capital, which is going to continue in 2022, is a secure haven for investors and ensures that their money is not endangered

Why did Egypt decide to build a new capital at that time?

The new capital, which spans 1,133 acres, is the government’s solution to Egypt’s ever-growing population and expanding urban areas، where Cairo is facing a challenge with government institutions and offices centered downtown.

The state decided to relocate these offices to the project in the ‘government district while also serving the economic purpose of acquiring revenues worth $10 billion by 2030.

The project will also include an international airport and educational and healthcare facilities, lodging and hotels, entertainment, and transportation. The project will also include 20 towers, one of which will be the tallest structure in Africa, standing at 345 meters.

Covering a total of 20 residential neighborhoods worth $15 billion, the project’s first phase is estimated at $8 billion and spans over 12,500 acres, featuring 25 000 residential units and infrastructure projects. The residential areas in the project will include a collection of accommodation units, including apartments, villas, townhouses, offices spaces, and commercial areas.

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